What type of carpet is suitable for a bedroom?

What type of carpet is suitable for a bedroom?

If you are looking for the best type of carpeting for a bedroom, the answer will rest on a few different variables. In reality, any carpet can be used in this space, but certain factors will determine the best fit.

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If your bedroom is rarely traveled, you will have a wealth of options, including polyester, especially in lighter colors, and shag carpeting. However, these options would not be a good fit for high-traffic areas because of how easily they show dirt and debris.

If you have high traffic bedrooms, especially children?s rooms and those accessible to pets regularly, you will want a product like cut pile or level loop flooring, with Berber being a good example. Other options include nylon fibers and products with built-in stain protection.

Another excellent option for bedroom flooring is products with hypoallergenic fibers. These floors not only trap and hold dust, dander, and other allergens in the fibers, but they help to create a more breathable atmosphere, which is perfect for sleeping.

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